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Smooth combination in chicle



Smooth Skin Wetsuits
  • Brand: Vendetta

  • Brand: Vendetta


    – The Top of Smooth Skin wetsuits.

    – The softest and the warmest Japanese Neoprene: HEIWA Grade 55 Ultrasoft.

    – Ultra Smooth and confortable.

    – Anatomic shape with preformed harms and legs, smooth Skin ribbons waterstops on harms legs and face, Black Lycra ribbon end of the Jacket.

    – Includes exclusive options as standards: charge pad choice two different models, internal innovative Knee pads, Urinary System (Duck Bill), etc.

    – Exclusive “Made to Measure” handpainted Camo Pattern by artist Izabella Leszczynska: one Suit for one Spear: Unique on the market. Top Luxuary Suit.

    Price of Full Suit in 5mm ……………….380,00 €

    Price of Full Suit in 7mm ……………….420,00 €